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SUDS Design

Sustainable drainage systems are a collection of water management practices that aim to align modern drainage systems with natural water processes. SuDS efforts make urban drainage systems more compatible with components of the natural water cycle such as storm surge overflows, soil percolation, and bio-filtration.

Our SUDS Design service comprises:

  • Specialist advice on conceptual designs and planning approval

  • Detailed design of SUDS (including Blue-Green Roofs)

  • Pre-development Enquiries

  • S104 & S106 Applications for Adoption

  • Connection Applications (Water Authorities, Canal & Rivers Trust etc)

  • Management and maintenance procedures for SUDS

  • Drainage Impact Assessments

  • Rainwater harvesting and re-use design

  • Modelling and optimisation of large and complex drainage networks in Microdrainage

  • Water Harvesting for Sport Developments

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Flood Risk Assessment


A Flood Risk Assessment (also known as an FRA) is a planning document that allows clients and local authorities to assess the flood risk to a site. This allows local authorities to understand whether a development will be safe to build in its current state in relation to different types of flooding. 

Our Services: 

  • Flood Mitigation

  • Flood Risk Assessments to EA, TAN15 and SEPA requirements

  • Washland Modelling

  • Flood Models

  • Natural Flood Management

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Public Health


We design systems for water supply and sanitation that help buildings work better for occupants, owners and the environment.

Pluviam Environmental's public health engineers tackle diverse challenges – from sustainable strategies, drainage in high-rise buildings and supplying recovered water for reuse.

  • Our services include: 

  • Internal Foul Water Drainage Design

  • Internal and External Rainwater Design

  • Site Wide Drainage Design

  • Blue Roof Design

  • Recovered Rainwater and Waste Water Design

  • Reed Bed Design

  • Drainage Surveys and Evaluation Reports

Civil Engineering


Our Civil Engineers are experts in designing anything from highway drainage to pavement design for residential developments.


Civil Engineering services include the following:

  • S38 and S278 highway designs and applications

  • Site surveys (topographical or drainage based)

  • Private pavement designs

  • Validation works

  • Condition Surveys

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